Most Common Questions

  • What is HiTrader?
    HiTrader is a world-class community for traders and investment network. It is the first company to bring the concept of T to T (Terminal to Terminal) transactions to the world.
  • What are the core functions of HiTrader?
    Our core functions are the Probability Search engine, the Follow by Probability system, the Risk Management and the Smart Follow Function.
    The Probability Search engine allows our users to discover their next winning trade.
    With the Follow by Probability system users can replicate the trades of their favorite traders and replicate their profits!
  • What are the benefits of using Follow by Probability?
    1. Simple: With just one click, you replicate trades from the world-class traders of our Community.
    2. Flexible: Save time! No matter where you are, HiTrader's automatic Follow by Probability system will always execute your instructions regardless of whether you are online or not.
    3. Easy: Invest in people based on probability, all you have to do is choose the right person!
  • Why should I use Probability Search or Follow by Probability?
    HiTrader developed the auto-following system so that users can automatically follow their favorite traders. But in finance and investment strategy, past success does not guarantee future success since few people can beat the market forever. Therefore, HiTrader has developed the Probability Search engine based on the vast data of traders' behavior in the community and our advanced trading algorithms. Using this it can calculate a trader's win probability in the next order. This greatly enhances the user's value and helps them to discover the next winning trade.
  • How to access your free trial?
    Register on the website or the App and activate your account.
  • How to join the Traders' Community?
    After registering the user must follow these steps to join the Traders' Community.
    If you have a real trading account:
    1.Click "Link Account" in "Join Now" page and input your account details.
    2.Validate and join the Traders' Community.
    If you do not have a trading account:
    1.Click "Open Account" in "Join Now" page, choose an internal broker to open an account with.
    2.Input your phone number and email.
    3.An account manager from the broker will contact you within 2-3 working days and help you set up a trading account.
    After following those steps above, you will be able to link your new account to HiTrader.
  • I am only an investor rather than a trader; can I join the community as well?
    Yes. With HiTrader, investors can get profitable opportunities instantly once following the right trader.
  • The broker whom I have opened an account with is not listed as an internal broker in HiTrader, can I still join the Traders' Community?
    No, HiTrader only accepts the clients who have a trading account with one of our listed internal brokers. You must choose an internal broker in HiTrader to open an account.
    If you would like to see your current broker listed, please contact us with your details and we will try to arrange that.
  • What is "Today's Dark Horse forecast"?
    "Today's Dark Horse Forecast" displays a list of traders that show good performance and have great chance to win the next trade.
  • What is Follow by Probability?
    Follow by Probability can instantly synchronize your trading account with your favorite trader's. Then when the target order changes, your account will receive a trading signal and make a corresponding trade based on your own risk management selection. That way you can match their trades and their winning probability.
  • What kind of risk management does HiTrader provide?
    HiTrader provides smart risk management mode.
  • What is Smart Mode?
    Smart mode is like racing cars, "Aggressive" is the fastest, and "Conservative" is the most stable. Based on the net value of your accounts, Smart mode will allocate your fund dynamically according to the gear you set (risk tolerance), and equip you with smart risk management system.
  • What are the benefits of Smart Mode?
    1. Smart:It is an advanced trading algorithm created by leading engineers and mathematicians. Based on the real-time monitoring of the account balance, it will dynamically calculate the allocation strategy for various risk preferences.
    2. Convenient: No need to manually set followed volume or stop loss every time.
  • Stop Loss
    A stop-loss order is designed to limit an investor's loss on a position. Once the stop loss is reached, the trade will be closed immediately to prevent further losses.
  • Lot Size
    It is the measurement unit of a trading volume.
    Note: If you choose one lot, your account will gain or lose approximately 10 USD when the market fluctuates one pip.
  • Maximum Orders
    Set the limit of simultaneous orders to control the risks. Once the simultaneous orders reach the limit, new orders will not be open.
  • Smart Follow
    You will automatically follow the orders that are within the probability range that you have set.
  • What happens if my Premium Membership expires?
    Please top-up in time before your Premium Membership expires. Otherwise you will not be able to use Follow by Probability function in real account.
  • Who are the internal brokers listed in HiTrader?
    1.The internal brokers listed in HiTrader are regulated brokerage firms with full licenses from regulatory organizations.
    2.Only users who have an account with one of our internal brokers can join the Traders' Community.